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AAA 3/4/2011 Puebla Review


The show opens with clips of all the ongoing storylines and such, including the status of Mesías, Rey de Reyes, La Parka vs. Bizarros, and Dr. Wagner Jr. against La Sociedad.


1. Fenix, Lolita, Mari Apache vs. Billy Boy, Jennifer Blake, Sexi Star

"Una americana y una italiana"
Hijo del Tirantes is the referee, of course, being aligned with the Legión Extranjera/La Sociedad. Blake and Lolita start and exchange some alright holds for a brief period until the rudos jump in and clear house, then do a three on one attack on Mary and the girls hit her with a double suplex. Fenix tries to make the save but gets taken down and has his legs wishboned. On the outside, Mari grabs Sexi Star and gives her a quebradora con giro then throws her into the ring post. Lolita throws Jennifer back in the ring and hits a springboard headscissors on her to send her outside again but then gets kicked in the gut by Billy Boy, but then fights back and comes off the top with a headscissors to send him outside as well. Mari in now and faces off with Star, they go back and forth and Mari hits an armdrag and a shoulder block to Star to send her out but then gets dropkicked by Billy. Billy runs at Mari again but gets hit with a quebradora con giro and gets sent into the ropes again for a second. Fenix does a flip dodge out of the way of a Sexi Star kick, then climbs up top and nails a tornillo into a diving armdrag that looked absolutely amazing and then sends Billy out with two headscissors in a row and hits a great running moonsault suicida from the ring to the outside as Mari hits Sexi Star with a spinning heel kick and then goes up top and misses a senton. Double underhook piledriver by Sexi Star on Mari and she pins her for a two count. Sexi Star goes for a dropkick but Mari dodges and she connects on Hijo del Tirantes Mari slams Star again, goes up top and connects on the senton and Hijo del Tirantes recovers and groggily administers the three count. Good, fast-paced opener match without the usual Tirantes hijinks. Best part was Fenix being an incredibly flyer as usual. Afterwards, Sexi Star and Tirantes beat down Mari but Gran Apache makes the save again. Sexi Star grabs his hat and distracts him long enough for Tirantes to kick him from behind and nail him with a plastic seated chair right in the head. Hijo del Tirantes gets on the microphone afterwards and challenges Gran Apache to a match at Rey de Reyes. He says he will bring La Sociedad and tells him to bring his people, and that he is going to embarrass him.


2. Los Bizarros (Escoria, Nygma, Charly Manson) vs. Espiritu, Nicho, Joe Lider

Lider and Charly start, Charly hits an overhead belly to belly suplex and poses for too long, Lider comes up from behind and slams him down from the fireman's carry position. Espiritu and Escoria in now, Espiritu with an armdrag but Escoria recovers and hits an STO variation. Escoria sends Espiritu into the corner but he ducks to the apron, kicks Escoria in the head, and comes off the top with a diving armdrag then sends him outside with a headscissors and fakes a dive. Nicho and Charly now, Nicho knocks him down with a spinebuster and does a People's Elbow style leg drop for two. Escoria in now and takes down Nicho with a heel kick. Chairs are introduced into the match as the rudos lead a beatdown, Espiritu gets run throat first into a chair and Nicho gets one pulled out of his hands by the evil Hijo del Tirantes and gets nailed with a chair, then Lider gets taken down with chairshots as well and the rudos take control. Espiritu gets pulled off the apron and slams chin first against it by Charly and Escoria who then hold him up in a seated position on the apron and Nygma dropkicks him down HARD through the ropes for a pretty awesome double-team move. Inside again, Escoria holds Lider in the electric chair position and Charly leaps off Nygma's back and hits a backstabber that was just ugly. Nicho jumps in again and gets chopped hard by the rudos, beaten down and laid across Charly's knees for a legdrop off the top by Escoria. They use the chairs again across the backs of Nicho and Lider then set up Lider against the ropes but Espiritu jumps in to break it up. The brawl evens out now and Espiritu hits Escoria with a quebradora con giro followed by Lider and Nicho grabbing chairs and going after the rest of the rudos. Lider and Nicho send Escoria into the corner, then Nicho runs in awkwardly slow with a clothesline, then chops him a few times and sends him to the other side. Nicho puts Escoria on his shoulders and Lider comes off the top with a huge DDT to Escoria. Espiritu sends Nygma off the ropes and nails him with a powerbomb, then he gets sent off the ropes again and Nicho hits him with a clothesline, moving slowly and awkwardly again showing some sort of injury that he's fighting through here. Charly is back in with a chair and hits two of the técnicos but Espiritu dropkicks the chair into his face. Espiritu goes for a dropkick but Charly moves and Espiritu falls outside, then Charly hits an asai moonsault on him. Inside, Nygma and Nicho both go for dropkicks off the ropes at the same time and collide. Lider slams Escoria as we see Charly dumping a white powder (oh no) into his hands that he then takes a whiff of (dear lord) on the outside. Lider lifts Escoria to the top rope but Charly throws the powder in his eyes and Escoria hits a death valley driver off the second rope for a three count and Los Bizarros win the match. Decent match but really nothing special here. Afterwards, Nicho nails Nygma with a stunner and Escoria with a DDT at the same time and chases off Charly, but is then nailed with a kendo stick and gets a bunch of chairs laid across him and nailed with even more chairs until Zorro makes the save with his kendo stick and clears house. Zorro gets on the microphone and tells Charly that he might say he's Zorro's worst nightmare, but Zorro tells him at Rey de Reyes that he will be living a nightmare of his own.

Backstage, Lider and Nicho cut a promo on Los Bizarros saying they're going to team with Parka and destroy them at Rey de Reyes. Nicho loudly slams his golf club against a chair, just because he can!   


3. No DQ: Electroshock vs. Heavy Metal

Electroshock arrives and waits for Heavy as his music plays but he emerges from the crowd and smashes a guitar over the back Electroshock's head. Is he a Honky Tonk Man fan or a Jeff Jarrett fan? Electroshock bleeds from his forehead as Heavy drags him around ringside beating him up and throws him into a big black table against the barrier. Heavy goes to slam Electroshock into the table propped against the barrier but Electroshock reverses it and sends him through it. Electroshock sends Heavy into a ring post and knocks him over the head with a chair, then decides to chase after Heavy's valet and mini. The mini distracts Electroshock long enough and Heavy sends him down with a right hook then hits a beautiful snap suplex and an elbow drop. Heavy lifts him up again and goes to throw him out but Electroshock reverses it and sends him out again. Another big black table is slid into the ring by Electroshock and he props it up in the corner then hits Heavy with a kick in the back of the leg that sends him reeling into the corner. Electroshock  tries to whip heavy into the table but he slides to a stop in front of it and back drops a charging Electroshock through it. A normal looking table is introduced now by Heavy who is immediately knocked down and then whipped into the corner and clotheslined. They square off and Electroshock slaps him in the face but Heavy then just knees him below the belt, which takes Electroshock down for a moment but he fires back with a great spear and a flurry of punches. Electroshock unfolds a chair in the center of the ring and crotches Heavy on it then goes to dropkick him but Heavy dodges it. Heavy grabs the chair, sets it against Electroshock's face, and kicks it hard, but then stands around too long and gets nailed in the head with the chair by Electroshock. Electroshock stumbles toward him now as he struggles to recover and the two of them kneel on the mat trading shots. They knock each other down and stir to their feet slowly, with Heavy dragging Electroshock towards the table but Electroshock bodyslams him down. Electroshock lifts Heavy again and headbutts him then lays him across the table then heads up top. Electroshock goes for a leg drop but Heavy moves away and Electroshock goes through the table. Ultimo Gladiador and Silver King appear, looking for revenge on Electroshock. Gladiador climbs on the apron but Heavy doesn't want his help and knocks him off with a punch. Silver King tries to hand him an empty 40 oz bottle but Heavy won't take it. Electroshock grabs it from him and breaks it over Heavy's head and looks around for a second then covers him for the three count. Maniacos jump in the ring afterwards and beat down Electroshock.

Heavy Metal is backstage getting a nasty gash on his arm cleaned and he yells at his valet and mini for letting the Maniacos interfere in his match again. He seems wildly unconcerned with the enormous gash on his arm.


4. Rey de Reyes semifinal: Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Jack Evans vs. Decnnis vs. Ozz

Everyone is in the ring already except Carlito who gets an entrance with Hijo del Tirantes. He immediately comes off as a bigger star here than the other three, though that is probably the intention after all. Decnnis charges at Jack who ducks and nails him with a spinning toe kick but gets thrown out of the ring by Carlito. Carlito ducks out of the way of Ozz, who flies out of the ring, and then goes to clothesline Jack, who backflips out of it and nails him with a front flip dropkick. Jack goes for a springboard moonsault on Decnnis who dropkicks him in the stomach in midair for a two count. Pumphandle powerslam by Decnnis for another two count. Carlito pulls Jack out and beats him up in the aisle as Decnnis and Ozz face off. Decnnis puts Ozz on the top rope but gets hit with a diving huracanrana by Ozz in his fancy black vest and then powerslammed by Ozz and covered for a two count that he breaks up with the most nonchalant shoulder lift ever, like someone waking up in the morning turning and slowly turning over. Ozz holds Decnnis for Jack to kick but Decnnis ducks and Jack nails Ozz with the spinning toe kick. Carlito and Decnnis team up on Jack and Ozz and dump Ozz to the outside then Decnnis nails Jack in the stomach with his helmet and hands it to Carlito who hits Jack with it as well. Double whip by Carlito and Decnnis sends Jack off the ropes but he does a backflip into a back elbow on the two of them. Ozz is back in and sends Decnnis off the ropes for a quebradora con giro and stomps him in the corner. Jack sits Carlito down in a chair on the floor and climbs to the top, Ozz flies outside with a tornillo onto Carlito and Jack hits a diving huracanrana onto Decnnis in the ring then nails him on the outside with a Sasuke special. Inside, lionsault attempt by Ozz is dodged by Carlito who then ducks a springboard plancha by Jack. Carlito stops Decnnis from punching him and tells him they're still working together. He goes in for the handshake but then pulls Decnnis in for a spinebuster and slams him. Big boot by Carlito to Jack and a superkick to Ozz but the three of them immediately jump Carlito in the corner. Ozz clotheslines him, Jack hits a handspring back elbow, and Decnnis pulls him up for a death valley driver and covers him but only gets a two count. Bossman slam by Ozz on Carlito band he covers but only a two count again. Jack hits a springboard spinning toe kick to Carlito and covers, but again only a two count. Carlito is dumped outside and Jack and Ozz go after Decnnis. Jack knocks Decnnis down with a spinning heel kick. Jack stands over him and screams VIVA MEXICO, the announcers laugh at him and Ozz grabs him and hits a backdrop. Big boot by Ozz sends Decnnis out and Carlito grabs Ozz from behind and nails him with a roll the dice and covers him for a three count and commercial break.

Carlito and Decnnis face off now, Decnnis rolls him up for a two count. Carlito charges and gets dumped to the outside. Jack jumps in the ring and pulls a backslide on Decnnis and flips over so he lays across Decnnis' legs and gets a three count for the second elimination. Clipped back to Carlito in the ring, Carlito slaps him and Jack kicks him hard in the leg and they trade back and forth, then Carlito sends Jack to the ropes. Jack flips over the ropes to the apron, blocks a punch, kicks Carlito in the head and hits a springboard knee to the face. Viva Mexico again with a twisting moonsault for a two count. Off the ropes again, backdrop attempt by Carlito, Jack flips out and kicks him in the gut then goes for a fisherman's suplex but gets blocked. Carlito holds Jack up for a delayed suplex then pulls him down and just crushes him with a roll the dice and covers for a two count, great near fall. Carlito pulls Jack up and drags him into the corner, whips him into the opposite and gets kneed in the face. Diving tornado DDT by Jack and he goes to the apron and attempts a springboard 450 but Carlito slides away. Carlito waits as Jack slowly stands with his back to him and goes for the backstabber but Jack reverses it into a casadora for a two count. Carlito throws a superkick that is ducked and a backslide by Jack gets another two count, Carlito rolls to his feet and superkicks Jack followed by a backstabber and a cover for the three count. A pretty good match, Carlito wasn't in the greatest form here but the section at the end with Jack was pretty great stuff.

Konnan arrives afterwards with Jennifer Blake and Sexi Star. He presents them as "una americana y una italiana", Sexi Star says "italiana?", and Konnan cusses at her and tells her to go with Carlito. He introduces Carlito as the newest member of the Légion Extranjera. Carlito asks if Sexi Star wears a mask because she's a man, which offends her obviously, and then tells Konnan that the only good thing about Mexico is Konnan's presence. He promises to bring pride and dignity to Mexico as the Rey de Reyes.

Backstage, Silver King is talking with Sociedad members when Konnan walks in carrying a barbed wire baseball bat wearing a Cardinals jersey, obviously sending a message to thecubsfan. Konnan recreates the speech from The Untouchables about baseball and teamwork and hits Billy Boy from behind with the bat and beats him down with it, just like in the movie. Konnnan proclaims that Billy is part of Los Bizarros and the other Sociedad members stand around frantically panicking in a  ridiculous fashion.


5. Los Maniacos (Ultimo Gladiador & Silver King) and L.A. Park vs. Cuervo, Extreme Tiger, El Mesías

Park gets on the microphone and makes fun of Mesías and tells the fans that he won't be coming tonight because Park beat him down and he's in the hospital. He yells at the fans and his voice cracks a bit which they jump all over him for. Park tells the técnicos that he'll send them with a message for Mesías because he's going to send them to the hospital too, and they attack. Silver King pulls Tiger up and hits him with a quebradora out of a razor's edge position. Mesías' music hits and a split screen shows him walking backstage to the ring. Wait, I thought he was in the hospital! He seems to be alright though. Mesías hits the ring and clears house of everyone except Park, who begs on his knees but attacks when Mesías turns around. Mesías ducks and hits Park with a clothesline who slides out of the ring and Mesías goes out after him and continues beating him down. Mesías throws him through a row of chairs in the crowd then chases after and everyone is brawling as we hit commercial break. Back and Mesías has a chair on the outside, but I don't know what he's doing with it because it clips to the ring where we have more brawling. Silver charges at Cuervo who dumps him out and hits a dive on him that we don't see because of horrible clipping. Gladiador and Mesías trade chops that send Gladiador down but Park jumps in and knocks Mesías down from behind then crotch chops him with the enthusiasm of a 12 year old who just watched DX for the first time in 1998 and then joyfully dances around. Park holds Mesías for Ultimo who gets kicked and Mesías tries to do a backflip off his knee but messes up terribly so it's clipped again to Mesías randomly on the top rope punching Silver King down to the mat. Headscissors by Mesías to Park then some sort of armdrag that went terribly, awkwardly wrong on Gladiador. Mesías ducks a clothesline from King then powerslams him down and Park ducks out of the ring to get away from Mesías. Right when Park jumps out the match clips to Park and Mesías in the center of the ring. Would be nice to know how this happened, but whatever. Mesías chops Park and Park chops him back harder and they trade back and forth. Park knocks Mesías down and whips him into the corner, Mesias then leapfrogs him and hits a sunset flip that Park rolls out of. They criss-cross the ropes a couple times and Mesías crushes Park with a spear and covers him for a two count. Just noticing now, but Mesías' hair is 33% straight, 33% braids, and 33% shaved. Also, 100% awful looking. Park rolls away from Mesías and kicks him in the head, walks him over to the ropes, then stands on the apron and gives him a neckbreaker through the ropes against the apron, really cool spot. King holds a chair on the apron and Park dropkicks it into Mesías' face. Park stalls for a bit then goes for a tope suicida but waited too long as Mesías slams him in the face with a chair as he comes flying through the ropes. All four others brawl in the ring now and the técnicos whip Los Maniacos into each other and do a double rollup spot for a two count. Ultimo superkicks Tiger, Cuervo dropkicks King, and Ultimo ducks a Cuervo clothesline then hits an enziguri. Ring clears again, Ultimo lays Tiger across a chair but when he climbs to the apron Tiger pulls him off smacking his chin against it. Tiger lays Ultimo in the chair now and hits a tope con giro before the commercial break.

Silver King and Cuervo face off, King charges at Cuervo in the corner for a splash but Cuervo dodges it. King reverses a whip and kicks Cuervo in the gut then sends him into the corner and clotheslines and bodyslams him down. Second rope moonsault by Silver but Cuervo gets his knees up as Park and Mesías run into the ring. Park kicks him in the stomach and grabs a chair but Mesías ducks it and spears him while Cuervo DDTs Silver King and they both go for cover at the same time and get the three count. This match was pretty rough considering all the cuts but it's hard not to enjoy anything L.A. Park is involved in, for me at least.

Carlito hits the ring after the match is over and beats down Mesías then Extreme Tiger as Park beats down Mesías. Park turns to Carlito and pushes him, Carlito pushes back, and they star to brawl, then Tiger jumps in and keeps fighting. Jack Evans, Espiritu, and Ozz all run in to break up the fight for some reason as Konnan and more people hit the ring to break it up. Everyone is held back except Extreme Tiger. Each guy breaks free once or twice and the brawl continues as the show goes off the air. A recap video of the show highlights airs, and a lead-in to Rey de Reyes.

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